Валторна двойная "Bb/F" HOLTON H181
Валторна двойная "Bb/F" HOLTON H181 (Пр-во США)
Серия: Farkas

Валторна двойная "Bb/F" HOLTON H179
Валторна двойная "Bb/F" HOLTON H179 (Пр-во США)
Валторна двойная "Bb/F" HOLTON H178
Валторна двойная "Bb/F" HOLTON H178 (Пр-во США)
Серия: Farkas / Holton

БАРИТОН (Эфониум) "Bb" KING 2280SP
БАРИТОН (Эфониум) "Bb" KING 2280SP (Пр-во США) 4-х помповый

БАРИТОН (Эфониум) "Bb" KING 2280
БАРИТОН (Эфониум) "Bb" KING 2280 (Пр-во США) 4-х помповый

БАРИТОН (Эфониум) "Bb" CONN EP-655
БАРИТОН (Эфониум) "Bb" CONN EP-655 (Пр-во КНР) 4-х помповый(3+1 фронтальный)

БАРИТОН (Эфониум) "Bb" CONN EP-654
БАРИТОН (Эфониум) "Bb" CONN EP-654 (Пр-во КНР) 4-х помповый(вертикальное расположение)

 Legacy Mahogany Series
SOUND: Warm dark tones. Bold bottom end combined with soft mids and highs

The most sought after drum tone returns, and an American Legend is reborn. The Ludwig Legacy Mahogany series is a return of the shell that was the core of Ludwig drums for over 50 years. Handcrafted in Monroe, NC, the 3-ply Mahogany/Poplar/Mahogany shell with solid 1" thick maple reinforcement rings utilizes a process refined through a century of drum manufacturing. The result is a tone with rich sonic warmth that only Ludwig can produce. Ludwig Legacy Mahogany is truly the best of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Legacy Mahogany Van Buren Series

In the tradition of Ludwig's “Victorious” drums of the 1940s, the Van Buren showcases a new vintage mahogany stain complete with inlaid maple hoops. An augmented presentation of a classic African Mahogany natural finish that celebrates the likeness of Ludwig’s first ever drum badge and Chicago showroom. Powerful raw tone couples with a vintage inspired trimming. This outfit is limited to 2019, 110th anniversary production.